Spring Plant Sale 2021

Saturday, 8 May - 10am to 12:30pm


The Spring Plant sale is on Saturday 8 May from 10.00am to 12.30pm at the following locations to ensure everyone’s safety:

You can download the poster here or a map of the locations here.


The Coach House, Melrose Rd – donated perennials & annuals

6 Melrose Rd - bought-in annuals: geraniums

8 Melrose Rd - cakes & bakes

22 Melrose Rd - bought-in annuals

24 Melrose Rd - bought-in annuals

21 Melrose Rd - bought-in annuals

5a Sheridan Rd - tomatoes, beans, courgettes, herbs, hanging baskets

38 Sheridan Rd - cosmos, lychnis coronaria, campanula, linaria purpurea Canon Went. Perennials e.g. acanthus mollis, euphorbia. Cucumbers, courgettes, dwarf French beans, tomatoes

9 Stratton Road - annuals e.g. zinnias, lavatera, nicotiana. Perennials e.g. persicaria, rudbeckia

166 Dorset Rd - strawberry plants, rocket, mint, courgettes, dwarf French beans, runner beans, celeriac, sprouts, cucumbers. Fig saplings. Lavender

10 Kingswood Rd - dahlias, zinnias

2 Watery Lane - sisyrinchium striatum E K Balls, sweet violet, sedum spurium dragon's blood

5 Cleveland Avenue - tomatoes (cherry, beef, plum, stripy, Alicante), courgettes, cucumbers, red chillies, beans, peas, lettuce, herbs, spinach, leeks, carrots


We encourage you to pay for your purchases online using your credit card, PayPal or a bank transfer. There will be limited cash facilities.


Please observe social distancing, stay 2 metres apart from people not in your household and only 4 people at a stall at a time.


We look forward to seeing you