What is the John Innes Society?

The John Innes Society is a Registered Charity. It is a non-political organisation that is primarily dedicated to safeguard and improve the built and natural environment in and around Merton Park. We exist solely for the benefit of the community and everyone in it within this special part of south-west London.

Who was John Innes?

John Innes (1829 - 1904) was a businessman, property developer and benefactor - the "Squire of Merton" - who who lived in the old village of Merton and created Merton Park.


His vision and enlightened ideas resulted in the laying out of this garden suburb with tree-lined roads, fine houses in a variety of sizes and styles, and the holly hedges that are still a feature today.


His name has become famous through his bequest that founded the first horticultural research institute in the country.

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