John Innes - His Life and Legacy (2004) £5.00

Compiled by Neal Priestland, this book was written to commemorate the centenary of the death of John Innes in August, 1904. It charts the story of his life in business and as the "squire of Merton", and sets out how Merton Park today serves as a testament to his vision for the 'garden suburb' and how his will led to the creation not only of the John Innes Park but also the John Innes Centre in Norwich (and the formulation of the compost that bears his name). 104 pages with 50 photographs (many in full colour) and four maps. Now available at only £5.


John Innes and the Birth of Merton Park (1865-1904) (1998) £ 2.00
Merton Park -- The Quiet Suburb (1904 -- 14). (1998) £ 2.00
Merton Park -- the Expanding Suburb (1914 -- 31) £ 2.00

This series tells the fascinating story of the development of Merton Park. John Innes was largely responsible for the character of Merton Park as it is today - the fine architecture of many houses, the delightful roads lined with large trees, the holly hedges, and the parks. The two most recent booklets (1998) were edited by Judy Goodman, the authority on the local history of Merton Park.

Long Lodge at Merton Rush : 267-269 Kingston Road £ 1.00
Spring House at Merton : 205 Kingston Road. £ 1.00
Dorset Hall at Merton   £2.00

These booklets deal with the interesting histories of three of Merton's old estates and their owners. Two of the houses still survive. The booklets were written by the late John Wallace, architect, artist and local historian, and contain some of his delightful drawings of the area.

Dorset Hall 1906-1935: A House, A Family, A Cause - Votes for Women £ 2.00

The inspiring story of Rose Lamartine Yates, her family, and the women's suffrage movement in Merton and Wimbledon, which she led from her home at Dorset Hall in Merton Park.

Written by Judy Goodman.

Merton Park Tree Trail 60p

Leaflets, etc.

All leaflets are now free.

Mains Under Merton  

Excavation 1981-1982, on the Site of Old Church House Yard  
John Innes' Original Road Plans  
Road Names 1867-1914 
Holly of John Innes 
Merton Town Trails -- Merton Park Conservation Area  
Postcard -- old Mostyn Road


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