Wednesday 28th April 2021at 8pm

via Zoom and phone link.

Starting at 8pm, the postponed 2020 AGM followed by the 2021 AGM will be held by Zoom and ‘phone – please see Notices, Annual Reports and Accounts circulated with this Newsletter. Please apply to or phone 020 8540 3087 for a link or phone number to attend the meetings. Only members whose subscriptions are paid up to date are entitled to vote.


Every member whose subscription is paid up to date at the time of the AGM shall be entitled to vote on each motion – Rule 3.


Nominees proposed as officers or members of the Committee must be over 18 years old and must be fully paid up members of the Society.  It is not necessary for the proposer or seconder or their nominee to be present at the meeting at which the election takes place.  Nominations must reach the Hon. Secretary not later than  8th April 2021 – Rules 7 and 8.


                                                            Tim Fripp, Hon. Secretary, 16 Melrose Road, Merton Park  SW19 3HG